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BQRAP May E- Newsletter

by bayofquinte 31. May 2011 23:38

The BQRAP May E-Newsletter covers: the Osprey Cam, Zero P Zero Worries, Quinte Children's Water Festival, and Veggie Companions


Zero P Zero Worries

by bayofquinte 31. May 2011 23:35

If you buy lawn fertilizer this spring make sure the middle number is "0"


Osprey Cam

by bayofquinte 18. May 2011 22:19

We have placed a live streaming video camera on a local osprey nest. Enjoy watching the lives of these fascinating birds.

A birds eye view April 2011.pdf (182.19 kb)


BQRAP April E-Newsletter

by bayofquinte 10. May 2011 22:43

The BQRAP April E-Newsletter covers: the Osprey cam, Zero P Zero Worries Pilot Project, Discoverers and Creators Speaker Series, Wetland Restoration

BQRAP e_Newsletter April 2011R.pdf (544.20 kb)