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March 2012 E-Newsletter

by bayofquinte 27. March 2012 22:39

The March newsletter covers: BUI # 7 Restrictions on dredging activities, Funding announcement, Habitat Enhancement Program, Bay in a New Way, Celebrating Living Green, MNR Public Info Sessions

BQRAP e_Newsletter March 2012 R.pdf (864.46 kb)


Habitat Enhancement Program

by bayofquinte 21. March 2012 22:02

Find out what categories are available and if you are eligible for funding.

Habitat Enhancement March 2012.pdf (62.16 kb)


February newsletter

by bayofquinte 5. March 2012 23:49

BQRAP e_Newsletter Feb 2012 R.pdf (617.91 kb)

The February newsletter covers Algae Watch, Big Island Marsh, the Bay in a New Way, Celebrating Living Green,
Community Wildlife Monitoring Program and the Habitat Enhancement Program